The following by-laws were adopted for LANDMARK MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION (“LMH”) to be part of LMH’s Constitution as it continues to be formulated. These by- laws can be added to or altered at LMH’s Annual General Meeting.

Date adopted: September 4, 2018

President: Spike Gordon

Article 1

This Organization shall be known as LANDMARK MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION. In later articles and discussions it will be referred to as LMH.

Article 2

The objectives of LMH shall be to promote, improve and govern organized minor hockey in the community of Landmark.

Article 3

An annual general meeting (“AGM”) shall be held to elect new officers at a time after regular season games, but before March 31st. The new committee shall assume office after the AGM.

Article 4

Officers will be elected to fill the following LMH Board Member positions:

∙ President elect ∙ Vice-President ∙ Treasurer ∙ Secretary ∙ Registrar ∙ Ref-in-Chief ∙ Ice convener ∙ Canteen representatives

Article 5

Additional (x) members will be elected to complete the governing body.

Article 6

An elected member of LMH or any duly appointed representative of LMH shall remain for a three (3) year period. If he/she wishes to be re-elected or re-appointed, it will be on a year to year basis.

Article 7

Any elected or appointed member of LMH not conducting themselves in a proper manner as deemed proper by the majority of the elected members of LMH will be held accountable for their actions and may be relieved of their position in LMH for the remainder of their term.

Article 8

a) At the creation of a vacancy in the elected body, the remaining elected body will fill the vacancy at their discretion.

b) Any resignation must be in writing and presented to the LMH Committee.

c) Any appointed representative of LMH wishing to resign must remain until an adequate replacement is found. Circumstance will be taken under advisement.

Article 9

a) Elected members who are not excused for a meeting by the President must attend all regular meetings.

b) Any elected member who is absent without the President’s excuse for two (2) consecutive meetings may be requested to resign.

c) A quorum of 60% or more is needed to pass any motion.

Article 10

a) In the event there is more than one immediate family member holding a Board Member position as stated in Article 4 then only one family member can have signing authority.

b) In the event there is more than one immediate family member holding a Board Member position as stated in Article 4 then their vote will only count as one vote toward any motion to be passed.

Article 11

Decisions made at LMH meetings will be documented in the meeting minutes and are open to the public, upon request.

Article 12

a) LMH will take under advisement only those complaints presented in writing to the President for the next regular meeting. This person may be requested to make a personal appearance before the Committee.

b) Any unrequested appearance at an LMH Committee Meeting must be accompanied by written request prior to that meeting. The agenda may not allow time.

Article 13

The President of LMH will delegate duties to the other members.

Article 14

Persons interested in coaching or assisting a coach must provide that request in writing to the appointed member of LMH preferably prior to or at the time of Player Registration.

Article 15

LMH will assign coaches to each team. LMH will encourage and support non-parent coaches. Assistant coaches will be selected by the assigned coaches and must be approved by LMH.

Article 16

a) In the event of a two (2) team system per level, a decision as to how the teams will be selected i.e.: an “A” and a “C” team, two equal teams, or a major team and a minor team (grouped by age) will be arrived at by LMH as per league. Tryouts will take place (from Novice age and older) where an outside evaluator identifies the players in the top tier and bottom tier as well as those players who fall in the middle (the “bubble kids”). The coaches will then decide which team the bubble kids will be assigned to. Coaches will be finalized after the evaluation.

b) Once placed, players will not be allowed to move from team to team. Only the League can overrule player placement.

c) LMH reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments up to mid-season, only where necessary and in the best interests of the child. LMH decision will be final.

Article 17

The LMH Committee shall have the right to appoint sub-committees when required and dissolve that committee upon completing its purpose.

Article 18

LMH Coach, Team, Parent and Player Responsibilities

1) LMH Association assigns players to teams to maintain an adequate level of players per team.

2) Registration to be paid in full at the time of registration. Postdated cheques will be accepted as per approved payment schedule by the board.

3) All players attending practices/games must be in full dress as per Hockey Manitoba (“HMA”) regulations.

4) Use of foul language by coaches or players in the dressing room or in the arena shall not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action by LMH.

5) Parents are responsible for all willful damage done by their sons or daughters and must settle with LMH before the next regular game.

6) LMH may take further action on any incident resulting in a suspension from Eastman Minor Hockey.

7) All players on the bench must be assigned to a line. A chance for equal participation must apply and shall be checked periodically by the Minor Hockey Committee. This rule is mandatory up to the midget category.

NOTE: The last 5 minutes of a game should belong to the coach.

8) Any suspensions or repercussions may jeopardize a player’s chance for out of town travel / tournament play.

9) Coaches are responsible to maintain the diplomatic character of their team towards player opponents, parents, or custodians of all players in LMH.

10) All players must co-operate during practice and instruction time to avoid injuries.

11) Team equipment (ie. goalie equipment) from Initiation up to Peewee Level, will be assigned to the manager of the team or another member assigned by the team. This equipment is only for use in LMH practices and games. Jerseys are to be assigned to a team representative and will be distributed and collected by that person. If there is damage to any jersey, the team will recover all costs of replacement.

12) Registration fees are for league associated games, referee fees, for game and practice ice and Provincial play downs.

13) All coaches are required to obtain proper certification as specified by HMA. The costs for said required certification will be paid for by LMH.

14) Teams will be responsible to appoint a Team Manager and a Parent Representative, if requested by a coach.

15) All teams are responsible for completing regular season games. Any team who has not fulfilled its obligations will be responsible for the fine levied by the League.

Article 19

LMH encourages goalies to continue to rotate until the Peewee level. At that time permanent goalies may be assigned.

Article 20

In the event there are three (3) goalies on a team LMH will advise based on the best interest of the child.

Article 21

Only players of the team assigned to the practice slot will be allowed on the ice during that time, unless approved by LMH.

Article 22

All proposed changes to the constitution must be submitted in writing to LMH two weeks prior to the AGM for review by LMH.