Sports Policies


1) Registration

No player may participate in a practice or a game before having completed registration. NSF cheques will not be tolerated and any fees or penalties incurred as a result of an NSF cheque must be recovered in full.

2) Late Registration

Registration for sporting activities occurs in September. Members registering after published registration dates but before the final cutoff date will be required to pay a late registration penalty (determined annually by the Board Members). However, such members cannot be guaranteed a playing spot on the team of their choice.

3) Refunds

A refund of the registration fee will be provided on a pro-rated basis less the insurance portion. After December 31st no refunds will be granted.

4) Protective Equipment

The proper protective equipment as specified by the respective sport association must be worn at all games and practices: i.e.: helmets, facemasks, throat guards, etc.

5) Age Advancements

Normally age advancements will not be allowed. Where it would permit the formation of a team otherwise not feasible, age advancement will be considered on its individual merit and will be for one sport season only. All age advancements must be approved in writing by the player, the parents and LMH. All age advancements must be made for the betterment of the team and the association as a whole.

6) Transfers

All transfer requests, other than regional team requests, must be approved by LMH.

a) Transfers In

Where players have the opportunity to play at their home club, transfer requests will not normally be considered except as directed by the area association. When warranted, once players are transferred in, they will be assigned to a team suitable to their ability level.

b) Transfers Out

Players residing in the area that request to play at another center will not automatically be granted that request. LMH must give consideration to all roster needs of its own teams and the transfer requirements of the sports associations concerned. After these concerns are addressed, the Board Members will consider approving a transfer request.

NOTE: A request for a transfer out or a transfer in from a member who has recently moved will be strongly considered.

7) Players’ Discipline

Coaches have the responsibility of maintaining just and reasonable discipline within their teams. Disciplinary action must be taken in the following situations:

• poor sportsmanlike behaviors;

• refusing to follow instructions;

• failure to attend practices/games without adequate notice or reason;

• jeopardizing the safety of himself/herself or others;

• Any other infractions deemed unacceptable.

Disciplinary action may include:

• extra skill-oriented drills;

• dismissal from a practice or game;

• suspension from future game(s);

• dismissal from the team.

Coaches must make a reasonable attempt to inform the player’s parents of the difficulties being encountered and of the disciplinary plan being pursued. Suspension from future game(s) will occur only after consultation with the Board Members of LMH.

8) Playing Time

All players are to be granted reasonable equal playing time. There will be no discrimination against players for any reason, including ability. Coaches have the discretion to use players during a game in accordance with game circumstances. While coaches may not be able to provide equal playing time for each player in every game, they must however, endeavor to equalize playing time over the course of a season exclusive of disciplinary situations outlined in 7 above.

All players registered to LMH must comply with the "Team" component of Fair play, this meaning; all players are obligated to attend the majority of all scheduled practices. Majority meaning; at least 90% unless player(s) have a bona fide reason for their absence. For example, sickness, family emergency or Family vacation. Failure to comply can affect your ice time participation in regular season games and/or Playoffs at the discretion of the coaches. Your LMH Board Members must be informed of all planned discipline prior to it being enforced.

9) Coaching Discipline

Anyone who feels that a coach is not following the guidelines as listed, must submit their concern in writing to LMH. Disciplinary action may be required in some situations:

• poor sportsmanlike behaviors – abuse of officials, coaches, opposition, team players, spectators, etc.

• refusing to follow LMH policies;

• jeopardizing the safety of himself and/or others;

• not treating his players in a fair and equitable manner.

Disciplinary action could be:

• a written warning;

• Possible suspension: game, season or indefinitely.

10) Tournaments

Each team is required to host a tournament. The LMH tournament fee for each level is as follows:

• Initiation: $500

• Novice $1,000

• Atom $1,000

• Peewee $1,000

• Bantam $1,000

• Midget $1,000

Teams are also encouraged to enter their teams in other local tournaments. This should be done with the approval of the participants’ parents.